Global Alpha
Trader Program

Conquering the Markets
Your Vision, Our Platform

The Global Alpha Trader program empowers individuals that have tradable ideas but no infrastructure to execute on them. We provide the platform to bring these strategies to life.


For over a decade we have continuously refined our trading infrastructure.


Our systems streamline the creation of robust trading strategies.

your ideas, your success

Now we open it up to you *


Access our universe of multi-asset data variables. Our expansive data library from social media sentiment to global crop yields can be at your fingertips.


Want data we don't have? Utilize our world class team of engineers to help source what you need.

Alpha Tooling

Use our powerful in-house simulation platform to test your alpha ideas across more than a decade of market data in seconds.

Machine Learning

Leverage machine learning to refine your trading ideas to their utmost potential through our strategy development framework.

You Won't be Doing This Alone

Industry Excellence

We provide a group of industry-leading experts ensuring guidance every step of the strategy lifecycle. Their goal is to help implement your ideas and maximize the strategies' profitability.

Collaboration First

Through Trexquant's emphasis on collaboration, this program provides an academic learning environment and exceptional networking opportunities.

Our Funding, Your Profit

Implement your strategies without risk to you. Once your promising strategy is accepted into our platform, Trexquant will integrate it within our portfolio investment process. All that's left is to earn your portion of the profits.

Choose where you want to work

Of course we'd love to have you in person! However, we understand that everybody's circumstance is different. If needed, our systems allow for work to be done remotely. Trade your strategies and maximize your earnings from the comfort of your own home.**

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the GAT program?

The aim of the Global Alpha Trader (GAT) program is to draw in traders who possess profitable strategies and wish to operate them on a well-established platform without the need to build everything from the ground up. We recognize that establishing systematic strategies can be challenging, involving tasks such as setting up the data pipeline, simulating strategies, handling execution, and addressing operational concerns. By becoming a part of the GAT program at Trexquant, you can focus on backtesting your strategies on our Trexquant Alpha Platform and efficiently execute your trades without the added burdens.

Who should apply to the GAT program?

We welcome individuals with experience in operating systematic strategies across various asset classes, such as global equities, futures, FX, commodities, corporate bonds, and options. While our preference lies with candidates who possess real trading experience in these strategies with a track record of at least one year, we are open to considering applicants with simulation-based experience in exceptional cases.

What is the hiring process?

The hiring process commences with an initial interview conducted by our HR personnel. If, after this initial discussion, the strategy appears promising, we will proceed to a subsequent interview to evaluate its feasibility. The final interview will be conducted by a senior member of our team. In some cases, we may also administer technical interviews and assign take-home projects as needed.

If you are selected to receive an offer as a GAT, we will provide you with a contractor agreement to review. This agreement covers intellectual property rights, conflict of interest avoidance, confidentiality, and other important terms for legal compliance and our business operations.

What kind of training do I receive?

You will undergo comprehensive training on the Trexquant Alpha Platform, which encompasses working with data, alpha development, strategy formulation, and portfolio construction.

What are GAT's responsibilities?

In your role as a GAT, your responsibilities include simulating your strategies on the Trexquant Alpha Platform. Once your strategies are approved, you will proceed to execute them, aiming to generate profits in line with the expected performance of your strategies.

How are GATs compensated?

As a GAT, your compensation will be based on a percentage share of the profits generated by your strategies.

Can GATs work remotely?

Yes, you have the option to work remotely, provided that both you and the company reach an agreement on a mutually suitable working arrangement.

* Global Alpha Traders are independent contractors of the company and require a higher education degree (bachelor's, Master's and Ph. D. degrees) in Math, Engineering, Statistical Modeling, Computer Science or other related fields and at least one year of proven track record in operating systematic strategies in any asset class, strong quantitative skills and proficiency with systematic tools such as NumPy and Pandas on Python.

** This is a global contractor opportunity subject to applicable laws to the United States and other restrictions and requirements including terms contained in a related contractor agreement which covers intellectual property rights, conflict of interest avoidance, confidentiality, and other important terms for legal compliance and our business operations.