Global Alpha Researcher (GAR)

Many academically-talented high-achieving individuals wonder if a career in quantitative finance is right for them.  One of the most important and popular roles in quantitative finance is Alpha research, which involves developing profitable trading signals based on real-world data.  Unfortunately, quantitative trading is a tight-knit industry and it is difficult to find detailed information about building a successful career in this field.  To address this problem, Trexquant created the Global Alpha Research Program to provide a platform for career growth and advancement and give participants direct experience in buy-side Alpha research.

Job Description

We seek bright and passionate scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to join our talented team of Global Alpha Researchers to conduct exciting Alpha research.  Our ideal candidate is analytical and creative, as well as persistent at finding strong Alphas.



  • Monthly compensation plus performance bonus
  • Flexibility to work conveniently from anywhere in the world and during any time of the day
  • Invaluable learning and networking opportunities with global hedge fund managers
  • Access to proprietary technology platforms for exploring and converting ideas into signals that are tradable in the real world
  • Mentoring and guidance from experienced quantitative researchers
  • Full-time offers for top performers



  • Develop market-neutral, medium-frequency Alphas that predict future stock returns
  • Investigate and implement recent academic research
  • Develop algorithms to filter and combine Alphas
  • Parse data sets to be used for future alpha development
  • Apply machine learning techniques to alpha discovery and portfolio construction

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  • Data ScientistOpen or Close
    • Learn and explore a wide range of financial data sets that are used to develop signals for systematic quantitative strategies.
    • Develop a framework to automatically download and monitor hundreds of data sources that are vital to trading and research.
    • Create data visualization tools to understand large data sets, such as order-by-order tick data.
    • Develop machine learning techniques to look for patterns in large data sets.
    • Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills are critical for this position.
    • Linux, Bash, and Python are tools most often used in this position.
  • Director of Global BusinessOpen or Close
    • Source and identify research office locations.
    • Recruit researchers from top universities worldwide.
    • Help researchers collaborate effectively with USA researchers.
    • Work with local service providers to handle business items such as payroll and taxes.
    • Communicate regularly with the USA office to discuss recruiting and expansion ideas.
    • Produce regular progress reports.
    • Monitor regulatory issues that may impact the regional office.
  • Execution System DeveloperOpen or Close
    • Develop low - latency, low - slippage algorithms in C++ to run on co - located hardware to execute the fund’s medium - frequency order flow across thousands of U.S. equities symbols per day.
    • Develop a framework to quantitatively measure and test the quality of different order types, venues, algorithm types, and execution schedules.
    • Strong C++, Linux, and Python software development skills.
    • Prior experience developing low - market - impact execution systems is a plus.
  • Independent TraderOpen or Close
    • Seeking individuals who have traded, implemented, or backtested medium-frequency or high-frequency equity strategies.
    • Implement the strategies and integrate them into our execution system.
    • Bonus is based on strategy performance.
    • Opportunities to collaborate with the Trexquant team are available but not required (e.g., work with Alpha researchers to develop new signals).
  • Linux System AdministratorOpen or Close
    • Ensure our Red Hat / CentOS Linux servers are stable, safe, and efficient.
    • Configure and monitor Data Center operations across multiple geographic locations.
    • Plan, install, and administer a Disaster Recovery system for our Linux environment.
    • Troubleshoot server problems with researchers and traders.
    • Design and implement information security systems.
    • Create robust backup processes for Linux systems.
    • Concisely document the firm's infrastructure.
    • Strong interest in Linux systems and desire to build a robust and scalable infrastructure.
    • 2 or more years administrative experience with Linux (Redhat 4+, CentOS).
    • 2 or more years experience in Bash shell scripting.
    • 1 year of database experience (preferably MySQL).
    • Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Portfolio ManagerOpen or Close
    • Develop machine-learning algorithms to filter and assign weights to thousands of return forecasts of stocks.
    • Investigate and implement recent academic research.
    • Competitive salary plus bonus tied to the performance of algorithms you develop.
    • Opportunity to learn and apply a variety of machine-learning algorithms to quantitative trading.
    • Invaluable learning and networking opportunities with global hedge fund managers.
    • Mentoring and guidance from experienced quantitative researchers.
  • Production EngineerOpen or Close
    • Manage infrastructure and operate systems used to generate signals and trade medium-frequency statistical arbitrage strategies.
    • Develop methods to streamline production processes and enhance stability.
    • Strong Linux, Bash shell scripting, and Python skills are required. Working knowledge of Matlab is beneficial.
    • Production is a mission-critical process that requires a dependable individual with strong attention to detail.
  • Simulation System DeveloperOpen or Close
    • Improve the realism, functionality, speed, and scale of the system for simulating Alphas and Strategies.
    • Create new methods to develop, backtest, and visualize Alphas and Strategies.
    • Proficiency in Matlab, Linux, and Python is desired.
    • Excellent opportunity to learn the fundamentals of quantitative trading.
  • Software DeveloperOpen or Close
    • Improve the scale and performance of our medium-frequency statistical arbitrage infrastructure (large data jobs, building thousands of trading signals per day, performing high-memory simulations, etc.)
    • Continue expansion of our low-latency trading system (data feeds, exchange connectivity, etc.)
    • Source available vendors/platforms for data feeds, co-location of servers, research clusters, etc.
    • Collaborate with researchers to implement algorithms.
    • Constantly improve the speed of the trading system and ease of use.
    • 2+ years of hands on development experience
    • Strong Linux skills
    • C++ and Python software development expertise
    • Prior experience with developing U.S. equities trading systems is a plus.
    • Ability and willingness to adapt to new challenges in a dynamic environment with shifting priorities
    • Process-driven with strong attention to detail

For quantitative research positions, strong programming ability is required, along with curiosity and diligence to define and solve complex problems. While prior experience in quantitative finance is a plus, candidates without direct finance experience are encouraged to apply.

We are located in Stamford, CT (a commutable 45 minute train ride from New York City). Applications from both experienced candidates as well as graduate and undergraduate students are welcome. A small number of internships for highly - qualified students are also available.

To apply or learn more please email: