We use thousands of models to trade thousands of stocks

Trexquant translates investment ideas into trading programs (Alphas). Inspiration can come from many sources. Academic publications, observation, statistical analysis, news, experience: researchers can draw upon all of these elements to create Alphas.


Thousands of Alphas compete for an allocation in order to generate consistent risk-adjusted performance.

Our researchers collaborate freely to accelerate discovery

Our researchers are responsible for creating the programs that generate investment returns. They are given the freedom to explore and think differently. A collaborative environment means that individual expertise is shared to strengthen the aggregate result.


Our research platform was designed to maximize efficiency. Researchers can transform ideas into tradable Alphas quickly and tune them with the guidance of Experienced developers.

We strive to improve our methodology continuously

We promote a culture of constant development. Every day is an
opportunity to increase our understanding of markets and trading.

  • Discover and implement new and orthogonal Alphas
  • Methods of combining Alphas in dynamic and intelligent ways
  • Assess new data, market venues, execution methods, and technology that may improve our performance