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Trexquant Investment LP

300 First Stamford Place
Fourth Floor East
Stamford, CT 06902



Visitors are able to park on the B2 level of the underground parking structure. Upon entering the First Stamford Place complex, follow the driveway towards the Hilton Hotel. The entrance for the underground parking structure will be on the left side as you pass the office buildings and near the hotel. Proceed to the B2 level labeled VISITORS / GUESTS and press the intercom button to inform security that you are visiting Trexquant. Please look for signs for the 300 Building.

From the Stamford Train Station

We are about a 10 minute walk from the Stamford Train Station. Upon arrival, walk South-West on S State Street (towards New York City) and cross Washington Boulevard and Greenwich Avenue. Once you have entered the First Stamford Place complex, we are in the first building on the left (Building 300).